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In 1985, some members of the First Haitian Free Church of Nazarene were in a meeting and found the necessity to have different voices and different songs to change the rhythm of the typical Sunday ritual, with this idea they thought it would be meaningful to create a choir. From ideas to meetings, and from meetings to a rehearsal Chorale Coeur D’homme was created. . They count almost 60 musics in their repertoire and also released their first album. They have been  leading under the leadership of  “Maestro Alcimus Ultimo” since 1994 to now, and  the head of their committee Fr Alco Pierre. Today, the “Choeur d’Hommes” is composed of 25 to 30 members. As any other group, their mission is not only sing for God but preach the gospel as a part of their mission on Earth.


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Alco Pierre 


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