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Faithful Living Youth



            F.L.Y (Faithful Living Youth) of the First Free Haitian Church of Nazarene is composed of young people from the age of 14 to until they get ready for their adult duties. Youth has been considered as one of the hardest stages of life and is also considered as the future of the world. Knowing that we, at the FHFChurch of Nazarene, decide and desire to help and equip our young people with anything they need to handle what life has in store for them, spiritually and/or socially. Our mission is to have and see our young Christians progress in their relationship with God, in their education, develop their talents and be ready to be leaders; and our Vison is to help and guide the youth to be fully prepared for heaven and for life. 


              "F.L.Y meets every Sunday afternoon for choir practice and youth fellowship, where we teach how to worship and praise and the importance of these elements, we also read the Bible and how to develop a good relationship with God. Furthermore, we acknowledge and discuss everyday life situations so they may have different ways of going about these situations. Life is beautiful, it can be living and filled with happiness but we need to control our actions.  Young man, it's wonderful to be young! Enjoy every minute of it. Do everything you want to do; take it all in. But remember that you must give an account to God for everything you do. Ecclesiastes 11:9.

Everyone is welcomed to be member of FLY, because we don’t want to fly and leave no one behind.


                     Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

1 Timothy 4:12

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