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“Dorcas” one of the groups of First Free Haitian Church of Nazarene is led by Sr Elaine Civil as president. This group has existed for over a decade; they work with the ladies at church in different categories, such as, helping people in need through prayer, songs, and also are involved in social activities. They are known for many gracious aspects and they have numerous accomplishments within the church. They are composed of at the least 20 women members and the amount continues to grow. As any other Christian groups or organization, they are fulfilling the mission and accomplishment the work that God gives to each one of us that come to Him. Showing love and caring is their primary goal as a Christian group.


                 “Devoué”: is a group of adult woman members of First Haitian Free Church of Nazarene. This group is led by Sr Clinadeline Adolphe, and it is composed of about 30 members. Since its formation, ten years ago, the group has continued growing in quantity and in quality. Their ministry is resumed in two great categories. First, act as Jesus use to do when He was on the earth, He uses to go over the city and village to preach, heal, and help people in need. D use those examples of Jesus to lay their actions. They, in weekly schedule, visit, support, pray, and encourage people in need at home or in the hospital, or other places. They show interest for those words found in, Mark 16:15: He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Second, they preach the words of God with their voices. Each member of “ Devoué” is a part of the singing group, using their voice to let other know how great is our God. They are showing a great example of Christianity, this example should be followed by everyone that claim to be a Christian , because it is through action and action only can somebody can show how he loves and works for God.




Convention des dames de La Premiere Eglise Libre Nazareen d"orlando 

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