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Pastoral Staff



Dr Marc E Adolphe, senior pastor of FHFChurch is known as a fervant servant of God. At a young age, he started his ministry and  from then has fully dedicated his life to God. Dr Marc is married to Clinadeline Adolphe and is the father of 3 beautiful daughters. Throughout his minsitry he shows love, understanding  and affection for all.  He has  been serving FHFChurch for over a decade, and day after day God continues to use him to encourage and guide others to follow the path of the Lord. He has a Masters in Theology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary (2000) and a Doctorate in Biblical Counseling from Andersonville Theological Seminary (2014). He is also a certified chaplin. Qualities people associate with him the most are that he is; open minded, dedicated, freindly, and an example of a man of God.

Phil. 4:13


Rev Dr. Marc Elie Adolphe










Dr Joseph G Divra, the founder of FHFChurch is an example of what a Christian should be. Since 1981, he has devoted his soul to inspire and bring  others to serve and live for God. As a shephard, he has dedicated his life for his pasture of fellow Christians in Orlando and his homeland ( Haiti).He has  countinued  his service to reach souls for God for over 33 years, and continues to do  so. He is  the true definition of  a counselor, a gardian, and a man of God ....


Dr.Joseph Gardien Divra








Pastor  Bremeus Desir


   Pastor Bremeus has been serving the church from the begining ; he is a humble man of God. For many years, he has been  in charge of the baptism ministry. Among of his qualities as a pastor, we can easily identify his love for counseiling and encouraging people to serve God  in a righteous way.



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