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Choeur D'Homme


                                         In 1985 some members of the First Haitian Free Church of Nazarene were in a meeting and found the necessity to have different voices and different songs to change the rhythm of the typical Sunday ritual....More

Chorale Mixte


                                     The “Chorale Mixte” of the First free Haitian Church of Nazarene is the joining of men and women of God who are dedicated to sing for the glory of the Lord.  Since its existence the “Chorale Mixte” has been growing, people are joining and they are producing and interpreting more and more songs. They have their first album out and more to come, they also have almost 75 members. The “Chorale Mixte” is on the  leadership of “Maestro Ultimo Alcimus” and  President brother Wilner Divra.


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Wilner Divra



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